V.E Schwab WordPress Website

V.E Schwab Website Mockup

As the final of my WordPress Development Class, I created a dynamic WordPress website dedicated to showcasing the works of one of my favorite authors, V.E Schwab. This project involved the development of a child theme alongside implementing plugins and blocks to enhance functionality and user engagement.

 I built a custom plugin to display a reviews block, a widget featuring the last five books, and custom post types, enriching the visitor’s experience. The custom block I created for displaying reviews offers many customization options, such as color changes and showing/hiding content. The Book Widget contains more options for users if they don’t want to include all of the post types as a focus on the page but still leads the user to the same place. For each custom post type, there are additional fields when creating each post that include metadata that caters to both Books and Reviews.

The project’s database infrastructure is managed and optimized utilizing phpMyAdmin, ensuring seamless data management and accessibility.

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