Thanks A Latte

Thanks a Latte mockup

My journey with this project began as the final of my Web Design 2 course during my first year in the program. At that time, I created this site solely with HTML and CSS, designed for a website tailored to a make-believe coffee shop named Thanks A Latte. It wasn’t quite responsive and I didn’t quite understand the importance of SEO and sizing of elements.

For my Capstone, I completely rebuilt this site with all my newfound knowledge over the past few years. I wanted to keep the integrity of the original website, such as the colors and themes. The resulting website represents the culmination of my skill set, crafted using cutting-edge technologies including Bootstrap, Vue.js, Firebase, and NPM. Notable features of this revamped platform include a personalized quiz functionality designed to tailor the coffee selection experience to individual preferences, user authentication, an events calendar, and seamless data management capabilities.

By including responsive design principles, the website ensures an optimal viewing experience across devices while prioritizing user engagement and satisfaction. This project is a testament to my growth and dedication to delivering exceptional digital solutions.

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